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The more people you serve the better your systems will need to get. Customer Relationship Managers (CRMs), patient tracking, employee management, student registration, support/ticketing systems - if you're tracking thousands of people, you'll need a system built for how you do business.

These systems are designed to increase the number of people your team can support, while also improving the quality and intelligence of that support. The larger your business grows, the more important it will be to have a tool which matches your teams.


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effortless enrollment

The Alberta Regional Professional Development Consortia (ARPDC) is composed of seven regional bodies which provide learning opportunities to educators across Alberta. We helped them build:

  • Separate websites (and brands) for each regional consortium
  • Showcasing 2700+ yearly sessions – all available from each of the seven sites
  • Registration management for 119,000+ participants each year
  • Individual and group registration
  • Single and multi-session opportunities
  • In person and remote sessions

… And tools to track, contact, and support 119,000+ registrants.

What could your business accomplish if it had the right tools?

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following an iterative approach

Every large project we design has multiple milestones. This allows your business to gain feedback, make tactical changes early on, and get users into the system before you’ve built the entire platform.

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The team at FFA is amazing! Knowledgeable, efficient and reliable but also kind and honest. We really appreciate the services provided by Fire Flower Apps and would recommend them in a heartbeat.

Shannon Whalen

Calgary Regional Consortium

a better process

Starting with strategy & learning at every stage.

  1. Implementation Plan

  2. UI Design

  3. Development Milestones

  4. Support Cycle

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