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we develop web & app solutions for businesses who are disrupting their industry

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We consider “your success” our success and love being a part of your story. Located in Calgary, we serve Canadian and US markets and will always have a 100% Canadian team

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we've built
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many, many times.

From production automation, to beer scanning, to administration hubs, and data management - we’ve done those already...

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We will never stop supporting you. Whether you’ve been with us 5 years or 5 months, you will have the full support and bench strength of our team tailoring your platform to your needs.

"There was so much more innovation from their side than I expected and it was extremely welcomed. Fire Flower Apps really brings an enthusiastic ingenuity. They don’t just wait for me to say what I want. They infer what I want based on the vision I had given."

Kevin Moore

The Reembody Method

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