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Businesses are offering customers new ways to shop, register, attend, and interact online; many of which are finding new markets, differentiation, and product demand which wasn't available with brick and mortar.

From membership sites to event management to building a marketplace of online shops, we help online businesses that Shopify can't touch.

If you're interested in building something no one has done before, you've come to the right place.


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the biggest little market

The Virtual Market offers a huge collection of hand made local products from small-scale makers right within your city. Acting as a ‘better version of Etsy’, the focus of this platform is to provide vendors access to local customers and create a digital version of the spring and winter markets around the city.

The platform itself includes vendor intake, shop creation, order management, multi-vendor transactions, and a unique approach to product search.

What if your business had an online advantage?

Virtual Market Website

we believe in an iterative approach

Every large project we design has multiple milestones. This allows your business to gain feedback, make tactical changes early on, and get users into the system before you’ve built the entire platform.

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“We’ve been really happy with the overall look and feel of our website. We think the backend is really smooth and functions well. It’s easy for new people to jump in and not have to spend too much time before they have a good understanding of it.”

Katelyn Laverdure

Alberta Beef Producers

a better process

Starting with strategy, and learning at every stage.

  1. Implementation Plan

  2. UI Design

  3. Development Milestones

  4. Support Cycle

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