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Leveraging Data

From data-driven products (product rating apps, catalogues), to data collection (monitoring systems, user survey systems), to data processing (calculations and custom reporting), we've helped businesses gain their competitive edge through their data.

Whether your data is your product, or simply used to identify trends and optimize operations, we have years of experience helping clients turn reports into revenue.


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From Ale to Analytics

Craft Hero enlisted our help in creating a beer rating app which would compete against the reigning champion, Untappd. Utilizing image recognition, a new approach to tasting profiles, and offering breweries more control over their brands, Craft Hero is bringing big data to the world of beer.

What if your business could have data on tap?

Craft Hero Mobile

we believe in an iterative approach

Every large project we design has multiple milestones. This allows your business to gain feedback, make tactical changes early on, and get users into the system before you’ve built the entire platform.

“My partnership with them has required the least amount of effort in terms of explaining requirements. The tasks we ask them to take on are often fairly complicated. Despite that, they immediately understand what needs to be done and what’s at stake.”

Andre Goulet

Andre Goulet Consultancy

a better process

Starting with strategy, and learning at every stage.

  1. Implementation Plan

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  3. Development Milestones

  4. Support Cycle

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