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The Path Forward


Implementation Plan

At Fire Flower Apps, we always build solutions that serve a purpose. We are passionate about creating outstanding digital solutions for nonprofits, organizations, brands and businesses — tailored to their unique needs, challenges and users. When we partner with you, we start by building an Implementation Plan. This plan ensures that every solution can adapt and grow, developing into something even better than you imagined.

User Experience Design

Right from the first design, we are dedicated to making sure that the solutions we design align with both your immediate needs and long-term goals. With this in mind, our team of designers explore your brand, your target market, and your strategic goals to create an esthetic which connects these ideas. Whether you’re starting from scratch or building on an established reputation, we’ll show you how amazing your brand can really look.


As your design comes to life, you will likely find you have more thoughts and ideas about how you want your app to function. That’s why our development team works closely with you throughout the process to adapt and improve your project as it comes to life. The very best plans include the flexibility to pivot as new ideas and information come to the table. We design review points throughout development to facilitate exactly this.

Support Cycle

We will provide full support to you and your team after launch and for years to come. Our team is focused on growing long term relationships and seeing your organization grow alongside these solutions. The Support Cycle takes care of ongoing updates and security, as well as planning the future growth and expansion of your digital operations.

Select A Player

Greg Hatch

partner, cmo

Greg’s world revolves around strategy - from business, to marketing, to application design, he loves turning big problems into ordered solutions. In his free time, Greg can be found on the disc golf course.

Favourite Game: Super Mario World

Matt Wright

partner, creative director

Matt is passionate about stunning designs and breaking the box of boring user experiences. In his free time you’ll find Matt running marathons, or holding his newborn baby.

Favourite Game: Beat Saber

Marni Neufeld

project coordinator

Marni has a knack for resource planning and keeping 100+ balls in the air. When she isn’t juggling staff and projects, you can find her raising two beautiful daughters, or starting another DIY project.

Favourite Game: M.C Kids for Nintendo

Paul Orton

technical director

Paul's background is in software development, and he loves to tinker with new technology. In his free time, Paul composes music for video games.

Favourite Game: Super Smash Bros.

Jordan Kuchler

lead developer

Jordan is a software developer who is driven by a desire to improve the day-to-day lives of those his work impacts. He loves learning new languages and new instruments, and anything that goes fast.

Favourite Game: Dirt Rally

Nathan Armstrong


Nathan loves any new tech and big software problem he can find. In his free time, you’ll find Nathan on one of his 10+ video game consoles.

Favourite Game: Final Fantasy 7

Helping Clients Power-Up

Established brands, exciting startups and visionary nonprofits choose Fire Flower Apps to bring their mobile app development projects to life in order to change the lives of users. Our clients are valued members of the family, and our team has built its reputation on the long-standing relationships we've grown.

Jordan led the redesign of a website and custom built Content Management System (CMS) for the Calgary Regional Consortium. He is extremely knowledgeable, responsive and efficient whenever an issue arises and takes time to explain what happened and recommend a solution. He meets all of our deadlines (even with short notice) and has to be one of the most patient people I have ever met. Jordan is a pleasure to work with and a real asset to Fire Flower Apps.

Calgary Regional Consortium

We’ve been really happy with the look and feel of our website. The backend is really smooth and functions well. It’s easy for new people to jump in and not have to spend too much time before they have a good understanding of it. They are really good at solving any roadblocks that we’ve come up with and translating them into an easy to navigate solution.

Katelyn Laverdure, Alberta Beef
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